The other day, I just happened to come across the book “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau in Amazon book store. It was being sold at a rather cheap price, so I decided to buy and save this book.

Or maybe the book was trying to save me.

I first met this book when I was still in high school in my English class.  At the time, I was really struggling with classes held in English.  Born as a book lover, it caused me so much pain in all the reading classes because I was not able to appreciate the beauty of the language used in books written in English.  No, even worse, I did not sometimes even understand the main theme of the book, let alone the beauty of the flow of the story itself.  Walden was one of them.  All I wished was to escape from my miserable English class.

After more than a decade, it just appeared again in my life!  Is the book calling me now to say that now I am ready to restart the journey with the book?

Well, let me start my journey again.  I have this feeling that this time, I will enjoy the experience of sharing my moments (probably my bed time reading moments) with the book.


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