If it does not exist, you just need to create it.

At my work, I do weekly yoga sessions during lunch time.

The yoga sessions are held in a normal meeting room of the company I work.

Since it is a normal meeting room, there is no “yoga studio” atmosphere at all in the meeting room – it is just a boring room with meeting tables, chairs and phones with a grey carpet underneath them.

So we first move the tables and chairs to create a nice big space for us to practice yoga.  Then we put our “yoga mats” on the floor, usually bath towels or pareos (the long textile that we use to wrap ourselves when we are in bikinis).  And we are ready.

With the colourful textile and towel “yoga mats” and the sun light coming in from the window, the meeting room turns into a nice comfortable yoga space.   After 1 hour of yoga, we are refreshed and so as the room.

The other day, one of the participants in the class came with a little bottle of herbal air spray.  She sprayed it onto everybody’s yoga mat and during the entire session, we enjoyed the nice herbal aroma embracing us.

Just like this, we create an amazing yoga studio and share a nice moment together.

Well, if you want something and it does not exist, then you just need to create it!


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