CO2 Emission Reduced?

While my partner is talking about the highlight of our 350 km bicycle trip between Passau (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), I became very curious how much we were able to reduce our CO2 emission by traveling 350km by bicycle.

Nowadays, there a many useful websites which allows to calculate your CO2 emission, so I visited one of them to calculate the carbon emission level of various transportation tools.
The one I used is the UK information website for door – door transportation “Transport Direct”.

According to this website, by doing the entire journey by bicycle, we have made so much less impact to the earth compared to other means of transportation! (Of course, assuming that we did not exhale 50kg of CO2 by doing so much effort pedaling the bicycle for 350km…)

In the next post, I will be introducing another choice we made to be nice to this earth during this bicycle trip!


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