Today, my colleague and I were talking about ambulance.
She explained to me that she had a food poisoning once
and nearly called an ambulance.
So I asked why she did not call the ambulance.
“But I had such a silly pj’s on!” she said.

Hearing this, I imagined myself lying on my living room floor,
in agony (probably from a food poisoning too),
with my phone in my hand, ready to call the emergency number….

And I knew that I would also have a second thought about calling the ambulance.
With my washed clothes and underwear hanging in the room,
with piles of junk mails sitting on the corner of bookshelves
(where novels should be placed),
and my bags scattered on the floor.
And I may be in a very silly pj’s too!

What if the rescue staff were a very good looking guy!
With the state of my room and myself,
he may not give me as intensive treatment as he would have done otherwise!

After a long discussion and thorough consideration on this matter,
I made an agreement with my colleague.
If I ever need to call an ambulance, I will first call her.
This way, she can come to my place,
help clean the room,
and dress me up properly before the ambulance arrives.
And I will not feel embarrassed to face rescue members.

Or I wish the rescue members turn out to be all women…..!


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