About Slow movement

Here you have some suggestions about slow movement … just to start:

1. Drink a cup of tea, put your feet up and stare idly out of the window. Warning: Do not attempt this while driving.
2. Spend some quality time in the bathtub, and if you have company, so much the better.
3. Do one thing at a time. Remember multitasking is a moral weakness (except for women who have superior brain function.)
4. Do not be pushed into answering questions. A response is not the same as an answer. Ponder, take your time.
5. Yawn often.
6. Spend more time in bed. You have a better chance of cultivating your dreams (not your aspirations.)
7. Read the slow stories.
8. Practice doing nothing. (Yes this is the difficult one.)
9. Avoid too much seriousness. Laugh, because you’re live on earth for a limited time only.
10. Don’t look at your watch at every moment and try not to wear it.

The Slow Movement first began in Piazza di Spagna, Rome, in 1986. Its birth is intimately related to certain anti-establishment attitude in open opposition to the Americanization of Europe. When journalist Carlo Petrini witnessed the opening of a well-known fast food restaurant on this historical enclave of the Italian capital, an earthquake shook his very own body. Definitely, the boundaries of what is acceptable have been crossed, and he understood -in an almost visionary way- the dangers lying ahead for the dietary habits of the population in the Old Continent,
dazzled and prone to imitate the vital pace set on the other side of the ocean. The answer came promptly. It sparked the creation of Slow Food, the seed of a movement to come.
The idea was very simple; to protect seasonal, fresh, local products against fast food harassment and to defend local producers’ interests, being sustainable, respecting bio-diversity and warning against the evident danger of overexploiting the soil for financial reasons.
After Slow Food, the idea was applied to different essential areas of our existence: sex, health, work, schooling or leisure: becoming all of them part of the Slow Movement.
Source: movimientoslow.com


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  1. Alba
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 21:21:53

    I also recommend this website about slow movement: http://www.slowmovement.com/


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